About Us

Champ Industries is one of the largest metal fabricators in Western Canada. We offer custom fabrication at a full-service assembly facility located in Winnipeg, Manitoba. We have also recently opened a second location in Jamestown, North Dakota to accommodate a growing demand in the U.S.A. Our services reflect a variety of specific customer needs, from fuel systems to brackets to large assemblies. Using state-of-the-art equipment, we offer quality workmanship, cost-efficient production, effective customer service and timely shipping to any location in North America. Champ Industries prides itself on providing its clients with solutions to meet their fabricated metal needs. Its mission is to be recognized as the supplier of choice for custom sheet metal component fabrication, tube processing, welding and assembly services in Western Canada and the Midwestern United States. We welcome you to contact us for your metal fabrication needs. We manufacture solutions.

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